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Cases pertaining to insurance law


Below is a collection of cases which shed light on various topics of Insurance Law.

Michael Merullo, et al v. Amica Mutual Insurance Company

Bilyard v. Middlesex Mut. Ins. Co.

American Guarantee & Liability Ins Co. v. 51 Roses Mill LLC

Franklin v. Lexington Ins. Co., No. WD 84816, 2022 WL 2310031

R.R. Ave. Properties, LLC v. Acadia Ins. Co., 37 F.4th 682 (1st Cir. 2022)

Sinatra & Co. Real Estate LLC v. Northern Security Ins. Co.

Youm v. Cincinnati Ins. Co.

Burt v. Travelers Com. Ins. Co.

Sustainable Sea Products Intl., LLC v. Am. Empire Surplus Lines Ins. Co.

Carpenter v. Liberty Ins. Corp

 Verveine Corp.1 & others 2 vs. Strathmore Insurance Company

McGilloway v. Safety Insurance Company

Bonbeck Parker v. The Travelers Indemnity

Prescott Mill Condo Ass’n v. Mid-Century Ins. Co.

Keith Warzecha v. USAA Casualty Insurance Company

Schleicher and Stebbins Hotels LLC et al. v. Starr Surplus Lines Insurance Co. et al.

Macmiles v. Erie Insurance Exchange

Miriam Butler , et al. v. The Travelers Home and Marine Insurance company, et al.

Ohio Casualty Insurance Company v. State of Indiana

Mohawk Gaming Enterprises, LLC v. Affiliated FM Insurance Co.

Sebastian v. Gaddis

Optical Works and Logistics, LLC v. Sentinel Insurance Co., et al.

Ro v. Factory Mutual Insurance Co. et al.

Monzo et al. v. Nationwide Property & Casualty Insurance Co.

Legal Sea Foods LLC v. Strathmore Insurance Co.

Edward And Lisa McCaffrey v. Great Northern Insurance Company

Mama Jo's Inc. v. Sparta Insurance Co.

Citizens Property Ins. Corp. v. Manor House LLC, et al.

1 S.A.N.T. Inc. v. National Fire

Dustin Sullivan et al. v. Nationwide Affinity Insurance Co.

Mudpie Inc. v. Travelers Casualty Insurance Co. of America

Wells et al v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Insurance Co.

Blackboard Specialty Insurance Company, etc. v. YTech-1428 Brickell, LLC

Shields v. Metropolitan Property and Casualty Ins. Co.

Admiral Indemnity Co., a/s/o Lenox Condominium v. Timothy Johnson

El Novillo Restaurant et al. v. Certain Underwriters At Lloyd’s London et al.

Whiskey River on Vintage Inc. et al. v. Illinois Casualty Company

Merrimack Mut. Fire Ins. Co. v. Gunta

Musso & Frank Grill Co. Inc. v. Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance USA Inc.

Independence Barbershop LLC v. Twin City Fire Insurance Co.

American Capital Assurance Corp. v. Leeward Bay at Tarpon Bay Condominium Association, Inc.

Vizza Wash LP d/b/a The Wash Tub v. Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co. et al.

Taps & Bourbon on Terrace LLC v. Those Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London et al.

Boxed Food Company, LLC et. Al v. California Capital Insurance Company et. al

Redstone International, Inc. v. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company, et al.

North State Deli LLC et al. v. The Cincinnati Insurance Co. et al.

Travelers Casualty Insurance Company of America v. Geragos and Geragos

COVID-19: Business Interruption Insurance

Appraisal: Oliver v. State Farm Fire & Casualty Ins. Co.

Appraisal: Bonbeck Parker, LLC v. Travelers Indemnity Company of America

Ambiguity: Tolotti v. United Servs. Auto. Association

Ambiguity: Old White Charities, Inc. v. Bankers Insurance, LLC

Appraisal Award: Hurst v. National Security Fire & Casualty Co.

Date of Occurrence: Housing Northwest Inc. v. American Insurance Co.

Innocent Co-Insured: Aquino v. United Property & Casualty Co.

Eight Corners Rule: State Farm Lloyds, Appellee, vs. Janet Richards, Melvin Richards, and Amanda Culver Meals, Appellants.

Appraisal Award Deductions: Ford v. American Security Insurance Co.

Disinterested Appraiser: State Farm Florida Insurance Co. v. Valenti

Auto. Policy Statute of Limitations: Erica Klein v Farmers Insurance Co of Idaho

Mandatory Moratorium On Non-Renewals After Recent Wildfire Activity

Service Provider or Seller?: Philadelphia Indemnity Ins. Co. aso Niat Realty v. Amazon

Bad Faith: River Realty v. Farm Family

Insurer Compliance with Law Prohibiting Engagement with Unlicensed Public Adjusters

Collapse: Edith R. Jemiola, Trustee of the Edith R. Jemiola Living Trust v. Hartford Casualty Insurance Company

Collapse: Steven L. Vera et al. v. Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company

Collapse: Steven Karas et al. v. Liberty Insurance Corporation

Appraisal Law: Roberto Diaz Herrera & Ana L. Delgado v. Scottsdale Ins. Co.

Duty to Defend: Dunn v. Columbia National Insurance Co.

Bad Faith: Keodalah v. Allstate

Intellectual Property: Eagleview v. Xactware Verdict & Order

Innocent Co-Insured: Wenda Aquino v. United Property & Casualty Insurance Co

Coverage: John Wallace et al. v. Nautilus Insurance Company

Water Backup: AKC Inc v United Specialty Insurance Company

Auto. Policy Diminution in Value: Martins v. Vermont Mutual Insurance Co. – Order

Duty to Defend: Nautilus Insurance Company v Access Medical LLC

Appraisal Law: Barbara Technologies Corporation v State Farm Lloyds

Appraisal Law: Ortiz v. State Farm Lloyds

Choice of Law: Pitzer College v. Indian Harbor Ins Co.

Made Whole Doctrine: Daniels v. State Farm

Appraisal Law: Owners v. Dakota Station II

Date of Loss: Jennifer Pratts v. State Farm & Casualty Company

Reservation of Rights: Sapienza v Liberty Mutual (USDC S. Dakota 2019)

Matching: Noonan v. American Mutual Ins

Wrongful Death: American National v. Burns

Appraisal Law: Milligan v. CCC Information Services Inc. et al.

Bad Faith: Swanson v. State Farm Mutual Auto Insurance

Proof of Loss: Yanez v. American Strategic Insurance Corporation

Collapse: Valls v. Allstate Insurance Company

Flood Loss: NYU v. Factory Mutual Insurance

Bad Faith: River Farm Realty Trust v Farm Family Casualty Insurance Co.

Bad Faith: Calandro v. Sedgwick Claims Management Services Inc.

Stacking: Cross, Brady, and Redfield v. Warren, Grass Chopper LLC, et al.

Collapse: Feenix Parkside LLC v. Berkley North Pacific et al.

Waiver of Subrogation: Ace American Ins. v. American Medical Plumbing Inc.

Causation: People’s Trust Insurance Company v. Garcia

Water Backup: Pichel v. Dryden Mutual Ins. Co.

Duty to Defend: West Bend Mutual Ins. Co. v. Ixthus Medical Supply, Inc. et al.

Duty to Settle: First Acceptance Insurance Co. of Georgia, Inc. v. Hughes

Appraisal Law: Discuillo v. Allstate Insurance Co.

Statutory Damages: Barbara Technologies Corp.and Ortiz

Statute of Limitations: Oswald v. Southern Central Ins. Co.

Bad Faith: Summit Insurance Co. v. Stricklett et al.

Binding Arbitration Clauses: GB Auctions, Inc. v. Old Republic Insurance Co.

Duty to Defend: Century Surety Co. v. Andrew

Appraisal Law: Liberty Bell Moving and Storage Inc. v. Transguard Insurance Co. of America Inc.

Public Adjuster Services: National Fire Adjustment Co., Inc. v. Cioppa

Auto Insurance: Rita Starner v. Scott Haemmerle, et al.

Collapse: Copper River Seafoods, Inc. v. Chubb Custom Insurance Co.

Bad Faith: Harvey v. Geico General Insurance Co.

Attorney’s Fees: Citizens Property Insurance Co. v. Laguerre

Bad Faith Statute of Repose: Bridgwood v. A.J. Wood Construction Inc. et al.

Examination Under Oath: Hutchinson v. Allstate Ins. Co.

Residency Requirement: Campbell v. State Farm Fire and Casualty Co.

Appraisal Law: Ice Cube Building LLC v. Scottsdale Ins. Co.

Exclusion for Intentional Act: Erie Insurance Exchange v. Tracy L. Moore et al.

Collapse: Easthampton Congregational Church v. Church Mutual Ins. Co.

Appraisal Law: Lolachi v. Allstate Insurance Co.

Clear Appraisal Awards: Texas Windstorm Ins. Assoc. v. Dickinson Independent School Dist.

Bad Faith: Scottsdale Ins. Co. V. Byrne and Bolton

Innocent Co-Insured: Shepperson v. Metro. Property and Casualty Ins. Co.

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